Brand Salience Monitor

The definition of salience is 'distinguishable’. In order to grow as a brand, you want consumers to think of your brand as often as possible in purchasing- or need-situations. Using the Brand Salience method, we analyse the situations in which a brand is considered, in comparison with the competition. We measure the connection between brands and Category Entry Points (CEPs) in the brain. The higher the amount of CEP’s that lead to your brand, the better.

Our Brand Salience method provides answers to questions such as:

  • Which brand is the strongest in a category of products and services?
  • Which situations must I claim and build on? And what can I let go?
  • Is my campaign effective?
  • What is the total brand strength of a brand considering all products and services?

We measure salience using implicit measurement methods. This can be both quantitative and qualitative.

Do you also want to know about the CEPs for your brand?

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