U&A, Segmentation & Personas

Good insight into the market forms the basis for a good marketing plan. Which products currently have a high rate of usage? On what occasion, where, by whom and why? Relevant here: so many people, so many wishes. It would be nice if you knew what the target groups are and what needs they have.

We provide a basis for your marketing plan in the following ways:

  • Usage & Attitude research provides insight into the five W’s (who, what, where, when and why). You can use this to create ideas for new products, to assign priorities for new product development or to determine the communication approach.
  • Segmentation research provides insight into the target groups in the market. Customer needs are central to our approach. Need segmentation enables a differentiated market approach. You have a better understanding of the market, can develop more focused propositions and achieve higher rates of conversion.
  • With the use of personas the results of U&A or segmentation research can be presented in an approachable way. The visual impression and recognisable descriptions of personas bring the results to life. This is useful for the marketing department itself, but it's also a good way to bring the market closer to the rest of the organisation.

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