Blauw once again selected as communications-research partner for Dutch government

15 October 2020

Following a rigorous tender procedure, the Public Information and Communications Service (DPC), the communications arm of the Dutch Ministry of General Affairs, has awarded two framework agreements to Blauw. The first of these is for qualitative communications research and the second is for quantitative pretesting of communications resources. We are very proud that the government's evaluation committees have rated our bids so highly, and that we may indeed perform communications research for the next four years.

Over the next few years, a permanent team of Blauw staff will concentrate on research under the terms of the framework agreement. Our versatility is an advantage in this respect, as the questions addressed in the various studies are very wide-ranging. All the issues on which the government communicates with citizens will be covered. That's a significant amount of subject matter. For instance, there are the campaigns concerning the coronavirus, or on the use of hands-free communication when driving (or cycling), or the importance of filing your tax return on time. The studies also cover the various phases in the development of campaigns, from exploring a topic to testing a TV advertisement. We have also handled the qualitative processes over the past four years. We are proud that this has once more been entrusted to us, and are looking forward to plenty of great new projects.

In the past, we have also performed quantitative pretesting. Some of the recent coronavirus campaigns in particular were also tested via SPRINT. Now that this contract has been awarded, we will be testing plenty more communications via SPRINT. We plan to hone the tool specifically to the requirements of testing for the government. In that way, we will be able to set specific measurement points to create a useful benchmark. which makes it possible to compare a wide range of communications with each other. In principle it would then be possible for the government's clients to make a start themselves, via SPRINT. Of course, we will assist them in this endeavour. The awarding of this contract represents a great step forward for SPRINT. It tells us we are on the right track, and it means that we must continue to invest in and develop this fantastic tool.

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