Blauw Research launches agile research label: SPRINT

20 September 2016

SPRINT offers scrum teams solutions to integrate market research within agile projects.

Blauw Research launches an agile research label; SPRINT. The mission of SPRINT is help agile working teams and organisations perform better by accessing the right consumer insights at any time in the development process.

These days, an increasing number of organisations adopt agile project management principles like scrum. Example organisations using scrum are Spotify, Google and Amazon. One of the foundations of agile project management is customer feedback. However, the integration of customer feedback in agile projects is often skipped or hurried. “That is a shame”, according to Henk Scholte, Manager Marketing & Communications at SPRINT. “Customer input is essential for the success of your product, innovation or campaign. We provide scrum teams with the right insight at every moment during a project. Outsourcing the insight gathering means no time is lost in the development process.”

Apart from offering quick agile research solutions, SPRINT also provides organisations with training how to integrate customer feedback within your scrum projects.

Els Molenaar, CEO of Blauw Research: “Several of our clients have adopted agile and scrum techniques for product development and campaigns. At the same time, we noticed the hurry some of our clients are in while working on their scrum projects, squeezing insights gathering into a corner. SPRINT makes sure scrum teams will meet their deadlines while keeping a customer centric strategy throughout the development process.

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