Consumer Research Community

You not only want to know who your potential customer is, you want to make a connection with them. After all, the stronger the bond between you and the (potential) customer, the better you can match the marketing mix to your target group.

From strategy to execution; you can put your customer first at each stage. But how do you make contact with your customer quickly and easily? A Consumer Research Community can give you just the helping hand you need!

A Consumer Research Community gives you that essential glimpse into the experiences and the behaviour of your (potential) customer at any given moment. Depending on the questions that you have for your target group or the bond you want to establish with them, we share the right questions with your target group via a digital platform. This creates a win-win situation: your target group feels that it is being heard and understood, and you know what you have to do, so you can increase the impact of your actions!

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What benefits does Blauw offer?

Contact with the customer over the long term, or assistance on a specific issue for a defined time window? The right solution to each question!

As a business you can deploy two different on-line community platforms: a research community or the Blauw Community. Which community best matches up with your requirements?

Want to know more about Consumer Research Communities?

In the past, we have been able to set up and administer a Consumer Research Community for many different clients. Are you interested in how we set about doing this, and what these B2C companies learned from the results of these surveys? Read the case studies:

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What is it that makes our work so enjoyable? We share a passion with our clients for the same industry. We feel at home in a world in which consumers make choices in next-to-no time, switching at lightning speed between stores, brands and products. That keeps us on the ball and helps us to get the best out of ourselves. Would you accept that sort of challenge, too?