Research Community

A Research Community is an online environment that connects you with your target group. The members are available 24/7 to think along with you and to provide a glimpse into their lives. A Research Community provides a unique insight into the lives and perceptions of your target group. On the platform you can present your questions to the target group and listen in as they talk spontaneously about what’s on their mind.

How does community research work

We translate your questions into a programme of assignments for the community. Depending on your question, the assignments can range from discussing a topic to keeping a diary or completing a questionnaire. Members can be invited to participate in these assignments at any moment and with any device. We moderate the assignments, analyse the findings and report on them. It is also possible to observe (unseen) the activities of the community members in order to form your own impression of the outcomes of the research.

The advantages of community research:

  • The flexibility to adapt the research in accordance with what we learn;
  • Insight into the user context at various times;
  • The possibility to explore a subject in breadth and in depth;
  • Answers are provided to questions that have not been asked, thus avoiding tunnel vision.
  • Unlimited observation at any time and from any device.

We offer various forms of community research, depending on the needs of our clients:

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