Research Community

We obtain a unique picture of the range of experiences of your target audience and the position your brand, product or service holds in it by using research communities. A research community is a platform where you can really get in touch with your target audience and initiate a dialogue at any time of day.

On our online platform, we submit topics to members of the community in the form of a questionnaire, a forum or a diary and gather insights from the responses and conversations. Although our community managers play an active role in initiating the conversations, a successful community is kept alive by the members themselves.

To ensure you obtain the right insights from a community, we offer a choice between:

The 6 motivators for community members

Because the community’s members are instrumental in its success, we have come up with a 6F model which we use to motivate them. Motivations to take part differ not only from one person to the next but also from one community to the next. We therefore seek out the ideal mix of motivators for each community. The six motivators in our 6F model are:

  • Feedback
  • Friendship
  • First
  • Fit
  • Fun
  • Finance

Based on member behaviour on the online platform, we differentiate between three types of community members:

Consumers: This category of members mainly visits a research community for information. They want to find out more about the topics and enjoy reading other people’s opinions. However, they are not keen to share their own opinions and don’t feel the need to interact with other members.

Contributors: Contributors take part in a research community because it is a way of exercising influence. By having their opinions heard, contributors hope to influence the direction the organisation takes.

Creators: Creators are also active on research communities in order to exercise influence. However, there is an important difference between contributors and creators. Creators actively seek interaction with other community members. They like to enter into discussions with other people and talk about common interests. For creators, a community is also a social situation which is partly made possible by the organisation behind it.

For every community, we seek to achieve the best spread across these three types of members and to
accurately assess the extent to which the six motivators are used.

Communities with customers are informative and evaluative and offer insights into customers you didn’t know you needed to look for. And very importantly, they connect customers with staff.

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