Service Design & Testing

Innovation through customer insights and ideas

You want to tighten up or renew your services, customer experience or value proposition. Because customers have told you – directly or indirectly – that this is what they want or need. By taking customer needs and customer feedback on board in the development process, you can stand out from the competition, create more enthusiasm and build loyalty among customers.

That’s not an easy task. Which is why you are seeking support to meet challenges such as these:

  • To arrive at new service concepts, we want to engage customers and generate value from their ideas. What’s the smart way to do this?
  • We want to stand out and improve our service concept. How do we transform customer insights into ideas for innovation?
  • What added customer value can we deliver by innovating services and experiences?
    Working on rapid renewal with the customer

In a short-cycle step-by-step process we help you engage customers and give them a voice that counts. Acting in an outside-in role, we deliver design thinking solutions through a rapid, agile, visual, hands-on and – preferably – multidisciplinary approach with a central focus on customer feedback.

These are the methods and instruments we work with:

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