Usability test

With the SPRINT Usability Test you can collect data about every step in a website or web app user flow. That way, you can see how users navigate through a process/funnel. And obtain feedback on the various steps in the user flow to identify opportunities for improvement.

System Usability Score

In this test we make use of Brooke's System Usability Scale. This consists of a robust, valid and flexible questionnaire for scoring systems, product development processes or websites on user friendliness. A customer effort score question has been added, so that the usability test is also effectively aligned with Customer Experience projects.

This online test delivers results within 24 hours. So there is no need to invite website users to your office to do the test. Which is a big advantage when you want results fast and without high costs. As soon as the first respondents react, you can follow the results in real-time in our online dashboard.

The correct target audience

After making an appropriate selection from your target audience, we submit your website or web app online to 100 respondents. These respondents assess the flows on several criteria, so that you see how well the defined process works.

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Usability Test Liander

As a consumer or business you want the cables and pipelines that deliver your energy to be well managed. Liander is the energy network operator for more than three million households and businesses and knows this better than anyone. However, Liander had concerns about the customer friendliness of its user flow when consumers want to relocate their large-volume connection.