Developments within the telecoms sector and technological developments have created a major revolution in current society. The almost unlimited access and digitalisation puts people more in contact, in control and in charge. Consumer have more influence on each other and on companies.

But the power of this development also affects the providers themselves.

  • Telecoms providers and internet service providers have invested a great deal in access. The big question is how that is going to be repaid in a market in which ‘access’ is seen as mainstream (and preferably free). There are a great many players within the telecoms sector, as a result of which it is very difficult for providers to distinguish themselves.
  • This leads to price erosion, shifting earnings models, competition from outside the sector and new services. Market relationships are also under continued tension with a dominant party like Google.

In a world which is changing so quickly (and from which the sector has benefited greatly) it is now more necessary than ever before to remain sensitive to developments in the market.

Market research within the telecoms sector: having your finger on the pulse is no longer enough

It’s all about monitoring consumers’ selection and purchasing processes and seeing how technology and telecoms can contribute to wishes and needs in a relevant and credible way. Wishes and needs are in constant development due to increasing possibilities in the telecoms sector.

This is precisely what Blauw is enthusiastic about: following what’s going on, predicting what is happening and translating this into what should happen. There are many types of market research available to telecoms providers, internet providers and media companies.

  • How do you stay ahead of the competition and ensure that you grasp the opportunities that arise? - Research Community
  • How can you utilise sponsorship successfully and use it as a marketing communication tool to make relevant target groups enthusiastic about your brand? – Sponsorship research
  • How can you use customer feedback to make and keep existing customers enthusiastic and how do you attract new customers easily? – Voice of the Customer
  • Which tools help you to listen to your customers and then to act accordingly. – NPS research

Blauw conducts varied research studies for various telecoms suppliers and internet providers such as:

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