Triple Diamond Model

To map out the ideal process from strategy to execution, we use the Triple Diamond model from the perspective of Design Thinking. In the last quarter of a century, we have carried out hundreds of projects to help clients define the ideal marketing mix. And whether it’s a new soft drink, savings product or excavator... we’ve discovered over the years that the need for insights, inspiration, certainty and growth form a logical pattern.

It is important for every organisation to receive continuous feedback from the market. There are many signals that demonstrate both opportunities and threats. For instance, trends, feedback from customers, internal developments, new regulations or actions from competitors. By interpreting these signals through research, we give organisations ideas for service design or new products, for example.

Many organisations are already full of ideas for innovation. Blauw helps these organisations to create and test the concepts. Do my ideas have a chance of making it? Which idea is the most promising? What should my new product look like to be successful? In all these steps, the end customer plays a central role.

After the introduction of your product or service, the real work begins and it is important to monitor how the product is received. In this phase, we improve your product or service based on customer feedback.

The triple diamond model below is the ideal workflow from strategy to execution: